Can an Adventure Change My Life For Good?

Why go on adventure? To have fun, learn new skills, be in nature or simply have a holiday? Or to positively change our lives for good.

They’re hands-on experiences where you push your limits and actively problem-solve to make exciting new discoveries.

Once it’s over, everything you learnt and experienced out there can have a positive influence on every area of your life – if you know how to apply those learnings.

Turning a great adventure experience into something that positively changes your life for good requires a little know-how and careful planning. But that’s what we specialize in: adventures that enable positive transformations in participants lives.

Let’s discover what an adventure can teach us, the valuable way we learn on an adventure and how Adventure & Co helps make each and every lesson stick. 

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Adventurous learning
The essence of Adventure & Co is self-development: becoming the best version of yourself through coaching, fitness and nutrition. What makes this learning different—and all-the-more engaging—is that every lesson happens within the thrilling context of an adventure! 

Our core philosophy centres on the benefits of a concept known as ‘experiential learning’. 

How experiential learning works
Experiential learning is, simply, the process of learning by doing

This is not a new or novel idea. I’ve been honing this philosophy since my university days, when I studied outdoor education and realised just how valuable hands-on learning through adventure could be.

But to really beef up its credentials, here’s Aristotle writing about it back in 350 BC:

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

As this quote suggests, learning experientially means learning in a hands-on way. It means being physically active and solving problems by getting stuck into them. It’s about trial-and-error, experimenting and, with each attempt, learning a little more about how to do something better.

This is the crucial extra stage that moves an adventurous experience into a valuable experience: experiential learning also includes reflecting on what you’re doing.

This makes the learning process conscious. And conscious learning is far easier to consciously apply to—and benefit—your life in general!

The four stages of experiential learning

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1. DO – Simply, learn by doing the activity. You can’t learn to swim by reading but by getting in the water!

2. REFLECT – After doing, reflect on your experience. What worked and what didn’t.

3. CONCEPTUALISE TO IMPROVE – After identifying what worked and what didn’t, ask yourself how you could improve next time. Our guides support this stage by offering theories that help you to conceptualise effectively and create clear steps to doing better next time.

4. EXPERIMENT – With all this information, get back to doing! We repeat this process as many times as needed, treating each attempt as an experiment where we aim to learn a little more. 

Why adventure is great for experiential learning
Adventure perfectly supports experiential learning because everything about an adventure is an act of doing.

When you’re on an adventure, you must do everything physically – climb the mountain, ride the trail, carry your bag or get in the ring.

This contrasts much of our everyday experience of life, where our ‘doing’ happens mainly on small screens. The rise of computers, smartphones and other new technologies has led to a decline in the more hands-on elements of many aspects of our daily lives. And while this may have made our lives easier, it’s also removed opportunities for us to benefit from learning experientially.

Adventure gets us doing again, enabling us to learn in a hands-on way.

This approach works. The proof is revealed in the benefits we observe in participants of all ages, abilities and walks of life during an adventure.

But we believe the greatest value arrives after the adventure.

The key benefit of adventurous learning is the long-term transformation. It’s about nurturing learning that sticks around so it can be valuable throughout the rest of our lives.

But this is not a complex idea either. It’s all about momentum, as Newton’s First Law points out: 

“An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion…”

Simply, a mind and body at rest stays at rest; a mind and body in motion stays in motion.

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Experiential learning allows us to set our mind and body in motion through the act of doing. Once you are doing something actively and learning from it, your mind and body can more easily maintain this momentum.

In this way, an adventure with us really can lead to positive change that lasts changed forever!

How Adventure & Co helps you to learn through adventure
We support experiential learning by giving a personal development focus to every activity during our training sessions and out on an adventure.

The 4-stage learning process outlined above is the core structure we use throughout our activities and tours. This supports participants to actively reflect on what they’re discovering, helping them to embed the learning in their physical experience.

But here’s the really crucial reason we use adventures to support valuable learning: adventures allow you to fully immerse in another way of being.

For example, when you join our Thailand Martial Arts Masterclass, you will live and breathe the full Thai experience. You will live among amateur and professional fighters. Yes, you will learn to kick like a pro but that’s just the start!

Sonia training with former world lightweight champion, Chok Chai in Thailand

Or by joining us in New Zealand, you’ll experience the extremes of mountain biking and kayaking. You’ll be immersed in nature as you travel through it at thrilling speeds. Your senses will be stimulated by everything around you as you physically experience it – an experience far removed from everyday urban life.

Adventures with Adventure & Co
Adventures with Adventure & Co are designed to nurture your adventurous spirit and discover a new way of learning that can benefit your whole life.

With the support of our experienced coaches, you’ll discover your personal limits and then, crucially, learn how to push them.

By putting you outside of your comfort zone, our adventures ask you to make the clear choices that enable you to thrive and grow. Every day is an adventure and an opportunity to learn more about yourself.

And it is this personal growth that leads to genuine long-term positive transformation.

How Adventure Can Change Your Life

• Learning by doing—known as Experiential Learning—is an effective way of discovering new information and ways to solve problems that can be easily applied across the rest of your life.

• An adventure is an immersive experience that takes you out of your comfort zone, allowing you to focus on exactly what you need to learn most.

• Our experienced guides support you every step of the way: from training sessions to applying what you learned on your adventure to the rest of your life!

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